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Gully Girl Vlogs

I use basic gears for my Youtube videos :)

Go pro.jpg

Go Pro Hero 7

I am loving it so far!

This is an action camera and best for blogging if you are a traveler. This has great stabilization and quality. The inbuilt mic is also good. Remember it does not have a focus feature and if you look for that in particular then you go for sony alpha or another camera.

Screenshot 2020-07-10 at 7.49.24 PM.png

Small Tripod Stand

Small Assistant

There are times when I need to take close clips and it is difficult to hold camera and work at the same time. So this is a worth purchase so far. I connect my phone and Go Pro whenever required. 

It is affordable and best quality so far!

Congo mic.jpg

Congo Condenser Mic

Sound quality matters!

Whenever I shoot indoor, I use my phone camera. In order to have a better sound quality, this is what I use. It is affordable and a great mic for home dubbing, Youtuber or online tutor. In case you are a music recorder then you may have to invest more. 

Screenshot 2020-07-10 at 9.30.00 PM.png

Ring Light

Be Professional

This gives my videos a whole new level. Also, it helps me shoot during rainy day when the sunlight is really dull and the room isn't bright either. This has 3 colors to choose from and I love that about it. You have to be careful while picking a ring light online.


Tripod Stand

My Assistant

When I was looking for a tripod stand, I was really confused. There so many options but some are really bad that do not even stand or hold the camera properly. In 2018, I wasted my money but finally got this which is professional. I thought of investing in one good stand instead of wasting money on many. This is really a good choice for me!

Screenshot 2020-07-10 at 9.35.47 PM.png

Mac Airbook

I can't live without it!

This is the biggest however a worth investment I have ever made. This took me months to save and purchase this laptop but I finally made through my salary. It is difficult to pay for softwares every month but air book makes it easy. 

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