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5 Amazing facts about hair! Insane curiosity

The hair facts! From what the hair is made of to what you can do with it if you work hard enough. Here are some amazing facts about hair that is just going to be revealed to you.

5. How strong is your hair?

This is an exciting topic because you might think that since you can pull out your hair with your hand or with a simple comb, that your hair isn't that strong. And individually, it isn't. As a scientist state that a single strand of hair can only lift about 100 grams, which is still a lot for a single strand if you think about it. But the true strength of hair doesn't come in a singular strand but it's unified strands. If you were to weave together some of your hairs, its strength would go up. Not unlike how rope is made. If you take the threads and weave them together, they become a singular strand that has greater strength.

So by that token, if you weave together your hair in a significant way, you will find that your hair can hold up quite a bit. That's why you see certain acrobat performers doing these tricks with their hair weaved in one spot and then tied to another object as they swing around. It may seem reckless, but they know the hair won't break.

4. The Hairs on your head

When you wake up in the morning and look in the mirror, you can't help but look at the hair. Because whether it's large, small, long, or short, it covers a big part of your head and when you decide to comb your hair it's common for you to pull out strands of your hair. And it doesn't make too much of a difference on your head because there no major spot where hair used to be. So that's the question! How many hairs are actually on your head? Well, it's impossible to know the exact number on each person's head. It's estimated that it between 100 thousand to 150 thousand strands of hair on your head at any given moment, no counting bald obviously.

3. Loss and Growth

Have you ever looked in your shower after a bath or in the sink after brushing your hair? This is something that happens to just about everyone, but as I noted before, it's not exactly something you should fear for. As your body has a good mechanism to ensure that you get to keep your lochs (should you have them) and not notice the difference of the lost hairs. It's not just emphasis on how many hairs are on your head but that makes sure you have the replacements for that hair in short order. As the moment you lose a strand of hair, the next one automatically starts growing. That's quite a backup system and one that everyone should be appreciative of. Especially since you lose about 50-150 strands of hair a day. So times by an entire week? You get up to 1000 lost hairs a week, but since the hair starts to grow immediately, you'll likely never notice it. And that's because hair is the second-fastest-growing tissue n the body.

Only bone marrow grows faster. So no need to fear, your head of hair is safe for now.

2. Gender Equality

Let's understand something that hair can't do, which is actually rare when you consider all the things that it can do. As you know, every single human body is unique, even with twins, triplets, and on and on. And that means that the hairs on your head are unique as well to the extent that they can hold traces of your DNA, which is why they're able to be used in police cases to solve crimes. However, if you look at the DNA of a hair, you'll notice that something very specific is missing, a marker to tell you whether the hair you're looking at is from a male or female. That's fascinating, as the DNA from the hair contains all other information, and yet it doesn't contain that. But it may be because hair is something that can't or won't differentiate from males or females because technically, a hair could come from either. Men have long hair just like women, and women have facial hair at times just like men. So it could be that the body just didn't give them the gender markers because both sides have all types.

1. The Impact of Hair in our world

When you think about it, our hair is one of the things that people are most concerned about. Think about how you start your day. You make sure that your face is washed, your teeth are brushed and then you comb your hair. Many people refuse to leave the bathroom without making sure that their hair is in tip-top shape.

Heading to the beauty products world, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of products dedicated to making your hair the best it can be. Shampoos, conditioners, straighteners, curlers, and more. It's a massively profitable industry strictly because people want to take care of their hair. There are musicals and plays about hair, there's even a Marvel superhero named Medusa that has super-powered hair.

Hair is a very important part of our world, and many people go to great lengths to make sure that's known.

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