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Best and Highly Paid Jobs in the world | Best DEMANDING Career Options

highly paid jobs in the world
highly paid jobs in the world

Here are the best demanding career options in India that are also highly paid jobs. These jobs are never out of demand and you can choose among these options in any year.

1st Option: Management Professionals

Management professionals are responsible to manage the operations, process & take decisions. Managers are either hired from the IIT or made through the experience. Like me. I was a made management professional through my experience before I quit and started vlogging and blogging. I quit for my Interest so always follow your heart and turn your interest into money-making. However, if this is your interest area then be happy because the demand for a management professional is never going to be out if the hiring list. Career demand is always open for management professionals. It is a highly paid and demanding job in the world.

To choose this as your career, you may go for BBA/MBA or Commerce related courses as a qualification.

2nd Option: Investment Bankers

These professionals are responsible for raising capital for the corporation. If you choose this as a career then you will be a part of Financial Institution. This field mainly popular for paying well. Investment bankers must have excellent mathematical skills, strong verbal and written communication skills, and the capacity to work for long hours. Investment bankers play a vital role in making a profit and reducing the risk factors related to Investments. These professionals are highly demanded and well-paid in the world.

To choose this as your career, you may choose among, a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Finance / Economics, Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Finance, Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Programme as your qualification.

3rd Option: Marketing Professionals

You may listen to the demands of marketing professionals a lot of times. The world is going digital and the demand for Social Marketing is increasing rapidly. No matter the Industry or Business type, marketing is always in demand. The fact is that you can choose it as your career at any time. You may require to have a good knowledge of SEO, SEM, and skill to understand your digital audience. If you believe that you can crack the digital world then you must choose this as your career option as again these professionals are highly demanded and well paid.

4th Option: IT & Software Professionals

Its been years since the demand for IT professionals had increased and yet now the demand is still at the top. Every company, big or small make their apps and website, so they look for a software engineer or IT professional. Bringing apps and web presence is revolutionary and that's why it is among highly demanded and well-paid jobs.

To choose as your career, you must be graduated and have a strong hands-on latest coding language. You will be given a small assignment to test your technical skill. If you will be able to submit your assignment within the timeframe you will have chances to be in. Mostly, an employer look for the coding pattern and if the candidate is updated with the latest technology.

5th Option: Chartered Accountant

Finance will never go out of the list in any corporation as the ultimate goal for any business is making money. If you are good at the number and have good knowledge of financial terms then you may choose it as your career.

To choose it as your career, you may go for the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Programme or Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Finance as your qualification. You may start your career from a start=up or multinational company. The criteria for the interview will differ. You will learn in both places however less knowledge means less money as MNC may not hire people with fewer skills.

6th Option: Medical Professional

From the ancient age, doctors are in demand. We are humans and medical attention comes in our basic need so must know the demand for it.

7th Option: Commercial Pilot

India is growing and you may see the number of airplanes and airports increased in the last few years. Coronavirus is a challenge at the moment but it is temporary. The demand for this job is still in demand and will be in demand. We all know that a pilot job is a highly paid job. There are multiple articles that give us detailed information on how to become a pilot. I recommend you to go through those if this your dream job.

At last, I would recommend to always expand yourself with the knowledge and skills required. The competition will always high however a smart candidate is always hired. Please understand that skills and knowledge can be taught but behavior and determination is not. So, be smart and think multi-directional.

Thank you for reading all the way down. I keep sharing the articles on self-care and career so please check them out from the menu.

Have a great day ahead and all the best for your career.

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