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Best beginner's personal care complete guide | Head to Toe | To always look good

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Thank you for stopping by!

I understand your requirement! It should be a complete body care guide but Simple and Easy ways to always look good and naturally beautiful from within. So, let's get started!

Do not worry, I remember my days when I started but struggled to be top-notch with minimalist body care routine.

Body care is categorized in 3 ways.

  1. Health (Internal Body Care)

  2. Hygiene & Nourishment

  3. Feature Enhancement

Although the above topics are vast in it-selves however here I have summarised them with minimalist routine.

Health (Internal Body Care)

Step 1: DETOX

We clean our bodies externally but miss to do so internally which is also important. So, once in a while you must go for body detox. Now the question is how to detox the body?

Initially, it is advisable to go for One day detox and repeat once in every month. This will not only help to cleanse the toxins from your body but also helps in losing weight, Clear acne, and resting organs.

This one day eat less and cut down sugar completely. Try Simple Fruit and Veggie Detox and drink plenty of water.

Step 2: NOURISH (Add healthy foods to your Diet)

Once the toxins are out, you could make little changes to your diet like cut down one chapati/bread and add different salads (Fruits/Veggies) & green leafy veggie a little. Eliminating carbs and unhealthy food slowly.

This way your body will be healthier from inside.

Step 3: Drink Plenty of Water

It helps to flush out the toxins & keep the body hydrated. The study has shown that keeping a water bottle along makes us drinking water more than usual. Try having your own favorite bottle that also looks good and you will never forget that again.

Here is my fav bottle:

Step 4: Exercise

I understand that it is not easy to exercise every day. But once you get the habit there is no turning back. Trust me! Exercise alone could make you look way better effortlessly. How?

  • Helps to boost happy mood - so you will always smile

  • Keeps the skin glowing and gives a natural blush

  • Helps to clear acne

  • Helps in body detox

  • Keeps the body in shape

  • Builds a strong immune system

This is it for 1st category. Initially give your full attention to these steps. And you will definitely achieve a lot. We need to understand that these are basic and most essential steps for healthy living and of course to always look good.

Hygiene & Nourishment

Maintain healthy hygiene which is not too much but just basic, like:

  • Wash your face twice every single day, once in the morning and in the night before you sleep

  • Apply toner & moisturizer.

  • In the night, apply night cream or a sleeping mask. (Optional but this will help you a lot for better result)

  • Wash your hands every time you feel (at-least twice a day) and apply hand cream.

  • Try chemical-free body wash for the shower and apply body lotion.

  • Use chemical-free shampoo and conditioner.

  • Hot oil massage to the scalp is our ancient secret that works wonder.

  • Give yourself extra nourishment with a hair mask and face mask once in a month.

  • Keep your nails clean and in shape.

  • Wax if you need it.

For all the steps above, I recommend Khadi, Plum, Face Shop, Innisfree, Kama Ayurveda & Forest essential products. You could try as per your budget. Below are the products (with links) that I use & provides good results. (NO SPONSORSHIP).

Both Men and Women could use these products as it is effective for both.

This is enough for you to look good (with Internal Body Care steps) until you have a stress-full environment or you turn 30.

Feature Enhancement

At last, let's learn the art of feature enhancement to look good always.

  1. Hair Cut: Figure out a best-suited hair cut for your face shape and hair type. And then you could leave it naturally because your hair cut will have it covered.

  2. Shape your eyebrows.

  3. Apply sunscreen before you leave home.

  4. If you love coverage then, the Mac studio fix is amazing. I just love it:

  5. Apply a lip tint of a berry shade or Mauve. Let it be natural looking. What do I use? here, lip tint moisture: , Muave: ,

  6. Kajal is optional and uses it only if you like. I love to just add a little brown shade & mascara sometimes. It gives a natural yet beautiful look.

  7. Dress Well: Wear what best suits you and the place you are at. Comfortable & clean clothes are better.

  8. Perfume - Try always to smell good and pleasant.

Please understand that makeup is optional. Because minimalist could also make you look good when you take good care of yourself. But do not forget to SMILE :)

Hope you all liked this - best personal care routine for beginners or I can say best body care routine for beginners!


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