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Best skincare products in INDIA 2020

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

Here, I will help you find the best skin care products in India. First and foremost, DO NOT FALL for those advertisements you see everywhere. Like many Influencers falling for money to share the dishonest opinion, please stay away from them. However, some influencers are still good and share the right opinions.

Also, I always tell my followers to have patience and give some time. Please note that none of the products are sponsored. I wish it was because I anyways love these :p However, I may get a little commission if you buy through the links. That's all for my effort.

In case of doubt, Text me on Instagram!

Now, let's find out only the best skincare products that worked for me:

For acne, I recommend the Plum green tea range

I myself is using it for a long time. It is cruelty-free and a perfect combo pack. It doesn't make the skin greasy and helps reduce acne.

To make it easy for you, I have added their link so you can buy it in one click below on the button. :)

Best skincare products in INDIA

Start with vanishing that active acne first!

If you have active acne then you must go for their acne spot treatment, it is a small tube to be applied on the acne. You will notice the shrinkage in one night. If the acne is bumpy and not mature then it might take time, please don't lose hope.

Best skincare products in INDIA

I could not find any alternative CTM, for acne as of 2020. If I find, I will definitely update.

Face Mask

I have 2-3 varieties of facial masks I have been using and to recommend. To be honest, there are so many Face masks that work well. Like, Clay Masks, Sheet Masks, and Sleeping Masks. I never stick to only one because I like to change according to the requirement.

Like for acne, again, I recommend the Plum Green Tea range face Mask.

It gives a little bit of tingling sensation at the beginning and that is OK. It helps in calming the skin and shrink the acne. Also, you will notice no acne coming up.

Plum Green Tea Clear Face Mask

Best skincare products in INDIA

Once the face is clear from active acne, it is time to get rid of those scars and bring some glow!

Here, I like to use a scrub (Wheat Bran/oats) to exfoliate the dead cells which also reduce the scars. But it takes time.- Do NOT scrub during active acne. Never!

Then finish off with the below Masks options, one of my favs was Soapaholic dead sea mud mask but that is discontinued :(

So, I started using other masks from Face shop, Kama Ayurveda & Innisfree. Yes, I have these many recommendations but only because I find the goodness in them.

Face shop provides a huge variety of sheet masks based on the requirement. If you want to rejuvenate the skin or brighten.

I used many of them and they were effective.

Best skincare products in INDIA

Innisfree is a Korean brand, but the truth is that this mask is very costly so I might not buy it due to the cost. But I wanted to share my experience in case you would like to know about it.

The best thing about this is that you can apply this mask and sleep. This will do its wonders while you are sleeping.

It makes skin soft and hydrated. Keeps the skin fresh and glowing.

Best skincare products in INDIA

This is an Indian Brand! All the products are natural and ayurvedic, this is what I like about it. This brand follows what our ancestors followed during ancient times combining with today's technology.

Yes! It is actually a face scrub but works well with my anti-scarring routine and getting that nice glow. I suggest you give it some time. Rome was not built in a day :)

Best skincare products in INDIA

A cleanser for Double-Cleanse

Double cleansing is good for the people who stay in polluted areas or put on makeup. So, what is the best choice?

This product not only removes the dirt but also deep cleanse such as oil-based impurities that is sebum, SPF, makeup, etc. Remember not to overdo! Double cleanse is good once in a day for the people who have oily/combination skin. People with dry skin should not do it often. But if you are hydrating well then it is good.

Best skincare products in INDIA


So, here I have the best moisturizer for people with dry skin. Actually, I have combination skin and still worked for me because I stay in a colder place.

You will not regret buying this! It is an amazing product for dry skin. You will not feel sticky and the skin will be hydrated for a longer time. :)

Best skincare products in INDIA

These were my recommendation for products I absolutely swear by. I am going to stick to these until I feel changes in my body requirements :) Hope you guys find this blog helpful.

You can connect with me through Insta. Also, read my other blogs where I have mentioned a proper regime to be followed. Stay Healthy!

Keep smiling and drink water!

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