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Best skincare regime for Acne-Prone skin in 2020

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

So the story starts with my hormonal issues, my face was suddenly filled with acne. And I got really demotivated. Then I swore to use all my knowledge and research to have a perfect skin regime. And that really helped me a lot.

Before we start with the skin regime. I would like to add a few other points which also helped me clear my skin:

  1. Drinking plenty of water.

  2. I cut down on unhealthy food. Not completely but 60% and added healthy unprocessed food like chia seeds, Nuts, & Supplements like Oziva Greens & Herbs. In case you would like to check -

  3. Excercise

Let's start with the skin regime.

Step 1: Cleansing

Step 2: Toning (Not Exfoliating as it makes acne worse)

Step 3: Serum & Moisturiser

Step 4: Light Weight Sun Screen

Step 5: Sleeping Mask

Step 6: Deep Nourishing Face Mask (Once in a while)

It is important to find out the right product for yourself. I have also added the products I used but you need to consider based on your requirements too.

Let's understand each point carefully as half knowledge is dangerous.


Do NOT overdo the cleansing of your face. Washing twice a day is enough. If you stay in a place with high dust and pollution then, keep your face covered. And get deep cleansing once in a while using deep cleansers.

If you do makeup then do double cleansing in the night routine.

Massage the deep cleanser gently onto your skin and then wash your face using a face wash. This is called double-cleansing. Don't do the double cleansing twice a day as it can take off your natural oil and can leave your skin dry which will increase inflammation and breakouts.

I recommend,


I don't recommend exfoliation until you get rid of active acne. If you have only scars left then, you could definitely go for a scrub as it will fade out the scars. However, using a toner after cleanser will help you in PH balance and tightening the pores.

This step is as essential as cleansing.

I recommend, Rosewater or Plum green Tea toner.

Note: I am not sponsoring any product but recommending only what I have been using. I bought the whole green tea range of skin products from Plum. Since others didn't fit me well.

In case you would like to check out:

Serum & Moisturiser

The serum adds nourishment and soothes the skin. Serum helped me in healing my skin. If you use facial oils serum then you may not require moisturizer. However, moisturizer is important to keep skin hydrated else you may break out even more.

Here is a theory, when the skin lacks hydration it releases excess sebum which causes acne when in contact of dirt.

I recommend NOT to use Lakme radiant serum because it was a total waste for me. Try Plum or Innisfree or Kama Ayurveda instead. I would like to recommend only which really works. Because I understand this situation. :(

Sun Screen

UVA/UVB rays can make acne worse hence always put on sunscreen while going out and wash off the moment you reach home. But most sunscreens are sticky and pore-blocking which again irritates the skin. I myself was afraid of using any sunscreen, as it also feels heavy. That's why I tried many but found one that actually fit well until now.

I use Kama Ayurveda Sunscreen:

Please let me also know via comment on this article or to any of the video on Youtube if you find any better sunscreen. I would be very happy. But you won't regret with the sunscreen I recommended too.

Sleeping Mask

This is the fastest and better way of healing the skin. This step helped to boost the nourishment I could provide to my skin. Generally, our body starts healing while we sleep that is the reason we should never skip a night of quality sleep. And sleeping mask adds the value in the healing power. It is also beneficial if you drink a cup of chamomile tea before you sleep.

Tea Tree Overnight Mask:

Face Mask

If you feel that your skin is too dull and require a little extra care then go for a clay mask or sheet mask. What I like to do is going DIY. Here is the recipe,

  • Collect a few petals of Rose, Gulmohar, Hibiscus, or any other edible flower which is available.

  • Then, crush them in a small bowl

  • Add curd accordingly and make a smooth paste

  • Sometimes I add Fuller Earth (Multani Mitti) or Sandalwood (Chandan). You could also do this and it will help you in calming acne.

Apply this evenly on your face. Keep it 20-30 mins and rinse off.

If you want to purchase a mask then you could for any of my recommendation or your preference :)

I Recommend, Dead Sea Mud Mask: or

I tried my best to put together on how to could you get rid of acne. I hope you liked this skincare routine for acne. If you feel this is helpful to you then please do not forget to tag this to your friend in need... :)

Have a great day. :)

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