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Best Teenage girl self-care routine to start within 2020-21| Don't Suffer later!

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

If you are a teenage girl then you must read this before it's too late!

This article will help you in making the best skincare, haircare & overall complete body care routine you can start with. This why I call it the best Self-Care routine. It easy and simple to follow.

When you are in your teenage period then your body is going through many changes, it is physically & emotionally. And this is the time when you take good care of yourself so that you don't suffer later.

1. Hygiene

At this time, your body produces more oil, sweat, and you notice the hair growing under your arms, on your legs, and around your genitals. This situation can get quite smelly, so it’s even more important to keep your skin and clothes clean. Remember, that your previous personal care routine may no longer be enough to help you.

So, do the following:

  • Get the right shampoo that is cruelty-free & get rid of the greasy hair.

  • Wash your hair every one or two alternate days.

  • Plus, most importantly give some nourishment. I will talk about nourishment in a few minutes.

  • Select the right facewash but it should be mild as your skin need no harsh chemicals.

  • Take a shower every single day!

  • Use body lotion and a mild mist.

  • Wear clean clothes every day. Do not repeat them even if it is your socks.

  • Use clothes made of cotton. Stay away from Nylon. Nylon can turn your sweat smell worse.

  • Change your pillow covers and bed linen every week and often the better!

  • Wash your shoes when required.

  • TOWELS, hand towel, face towel, or shower towel. It should be washed often and kept for dry under the sunlight as UV rays can destroy the bacteria.

  • Do not use the sanitary pads for more than 5 hours.

  • Keep the nails clean, if are facing cuticle issue and apply some coconut oil or olive oil.

  • Do not forget your teeth and mouthwash as a part of your hygiene.

So, the hygiene checklist ends here. Let's move on to next!

2. Nourishment

Not only that hygiene is important to get rid of all that odor and skin problems. Nourishment is the second step to help your body bloom well.

So do follow the below checklist:

Let's start with hair again, give a nice hot oil massage to your scalp at least once in a week.

Try a DIY hair mask.

  • Get rid of acne by keeping your skin well hydrated, so moisturize it well! - It is a misconception that to stay away from the acne you need to keep your skin dry and clean out all the oil from your skin. Actually, the sebum releases often when the skin lacks the hydration. So, drink a lot of water and apply non-greasy moisturizer. :)

  • Try Rose Water as a toner for your skin before moisturizer it will do wonder.

  • Use sunscreen before you go out.

  • Once in a while, apply a facemask.

  • As mentioned earlier, do not forget a mild non-greasy body lotion. Your skin will be happy.

  • Eat healthy food by adding more veggies to your diet.

  • Excercise! Who doesn't like a healthy & fit body? It will boost your mood and brain efficiency.

  • Get a hair cut once in a while for a change.

  • Know yourself! - Most IMPORTANT.

Wear a Right BRA!

Yes! This is important that is why I am emphasizing it separately. Here, I am not talking about the usual adult Bra. Since you are in the growing stage and you don't want to suffer later with saggy breast, or an untuned shape. So it's time for you to invest in a half camisole bra or sports bra!

This is all you need for your best teenage self-care routine or the best skincare & haircare routine for teenagers. In case you have doubt, ask me on Instagram. My ID: vaishalirastogi2

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