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PCOD / PCOS Solution & Honest Review on OZIVA PCOS

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

PCOD! How to cure?
PCOD: How I cured PCOS & Honest Review on OZIVA PCOS

PCOD ?? What is this? Is PCOD curable? Why does it happen? PCOS Solution?

You would have thought the same at first when heard of it the first time. The same thing happened to me and surprisingly, rarely people knew about it. In simple words, PCOD or PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome) is a hormonal imbalance that occurs due to a bad lifestyle, like irregular sleep, no physical activities and no proper diet.

According to Ayurveda, We are "WHat WE EAT"

Here comes the story, OZIVA is a trending supplement for its promises to health care but, is it really true? Is it effective?

So hey there, lovely people! I was a struggler just like you who was trying to figure out every single day as to what is best for me and whatnot. All I wanted, just like you want right now, is-

  • NO unnecessary weight gain

  • NO pimples

  • NO facial hair

  • NO mood swings

  • NO excess pain

But, a healthy weight balance, better skin/hair, & a regular menstruation cycle. I did not consume any hormonal medicines as my doctor suggested since the medicines has it's own side effects. According to her, I could still control my hormonal issues. She asked

d me to follow a better lifestyle and,

The below list is what she prescribed me to do every day:

  • 30 mins of running

  • 3 liters of water

  • An hour of peace full time (Since I got it due to high-stress level)

  • More vegetable

  • No or lesser sugar

  • No Maida (All purpose flour)

How did I do? Unfortunately, my career relies on sticking to the computer so I have to sit for a long time. Also, I am very lazy :p to do the exercise or running every single day. I made the below changes:

Before lockdown,

  • I Used the stairs instead of the lift

  • Walked for 30 mins in the evening

  • Did exercise sometimes :P (I was not regular)

  • Chose my meal wisely (Mostly South Indian Dishes)

  • Preferred Cow ghee instead of oil

  • Reduced Sugar

  • Involved in dance activities

And the report was good next time. I did it.


PCOS came back in a few months.

That time, I decided to make changes that can be followed permanently and are Easy to follow! Since the lockdown was here I could not go out for a walk or office. Let see what I did,

  • Did home cleaning myself (to be active)

  • Did quick 20 squats every day (I am very lazy :p)

  • Had Oziva PCOS herbs every single morning

  • Less sugar

  • Homely regular food with more veggies and less roti or rice.

  • Drank more water as suggested

And YES! The report was good. No signs of PCOS anymore. You can ask for my PCOS report as proof through Insta. I won't mind :)

Real Opinion on OZIVA PCOS

Honestly, I followed the above pattern even without OZIVA but couldn't find much difference. Also, I am Lazy, I couldn't do exercise every single day! Hence, my PCOS symptoms were still there.

This is why I am really happy that I bought the OZIVA. Otherwise, I wouldn't have been recommending this to anyone. If you follow me on YouTube, then you would know how brutal I am on giving reviews.

At first, I was hesitating due to its price however it was worth it. Please understand that no medicine will work for you if you cannot make at least the above-mentioned changes to your lifestyle.

My first box of OZIVA was over. In the below pictures you can see that the second box is also almost over. OZIVA helped me a lot.

How to drink it to have the most effects?

The best time preferred by OZIVA is in the morning or evening. However, I found the best results when I had in the morning. My routine was simple.

I have a habit of having something to soothe my throat and wake my self up. So, I cannot have a morning without a glass of Warm Water or Honey Water or my Detox Tea.

I like Girnarnar detox tea if you would like to check out! :

Then, after some time I take the OZIVA herb. Add 2 spoons of it and mix thoroughly in the normal water.

OZIVA PCOS her balance HONEST Review

If you want to start with OZIVA at first in the morning. Then, you CAN. However, do not take long for your healthy breakfast :)

The taste is not so good and not so bad. I am a foodie and I was able to finish the first box of OZIVA. So don't be scared and try it. You have my words. :)

Click here to order it right away:

All the best and have an awesome life ahead :)

Also, please check out my AMAZON Store to find the selected & recommended products.

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