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How to get Long Healthy Hair Naturally

Hey guys, I know exactly what you are looking for! I was the same 2 months ago and I finally have great tips for long healthy hair naturally. This hair care routine will help you.

Secret Weapon

That secret weapon is the Wooden Hair Brush. A wooden hairbrush absorbs the natural oil from the hair so when you brush your hair, it distributes evenly and conditions hair. It also reduces the static and breakage. A wooden hairbrush is a perfect tool if you are trying to grow long healthy hair. Once you start using the right wooden brush, you'll never ever go back to plastic or metal hairbrush again. They also massage acupressure points on your head which is great for stimulating circulation to the scalp and promoting healthy hair growth.

Try to choose a better quality wooden hairbrush with a good finish so you don't face any issues while using it. The best recommendation would be a neem wooden brush.

For Amazon India:

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Oiling Your Hair

Oiling your hair is one of the best ways to condition your hair. Oiling keeps hair hydrated, soft, and shiny. And there are so many oils that you can use on your hair. Some of the best oils are Argan Oil, Olive Oil, and infused oils. Infused oils in a cold-pressed oil base are great if you have a scalp issue or your hair is weak. You just need to make sure that the oil you use is unrefined, cold-pressed, and preferably organic. If you do not get the infused oil in your market then you can add in some essential oils like neem, Hibiscus, Indian Gooseberry & rosemary oil is really great for stimulating circulation to the scalp. It makes your hair soft and promotes hair growth. Neem is amazing to fight scalp infections and promote strong healthy hair growth. You can mix a few oils together and make your own hair conditioner.

You can oil your hair in two ways. Either you coat your hair with oil and leave for few hours or even leave it overnight, then just shampoo it out. Or else do gradual oiling. Gradual Oiling is great for winters. You just need to put a little bit of oil through the ends of your hair every day. This process will be daily nourishment to the hair.

Whenever you do oiling give a nice scalp massage which will also promote hair growth. As it stimulates the circulation to your scalp and it also helps you relax and relieve stress.

Some of my recommendations are ayurvedic infused oils. For Amazon India:

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Shampoo, Conditioner & Hair Rinses

It's time to talk about the shampoo and conditioner. You read the label of your bottle of shampoo and it makes you think like the most amazing, spectacular shampoo, it's gonna make your hair grow healthy, shiny soft, beautiful. That's really marketing. They just want you to buy the shampoo and conditioner, so you know it's pretty much lying. What you wanna be doing is look at the back of the bottle and checking out the ingredients list. Especially look for something that doesn't have sulfates, fragrances, salt, just chemicals that are gonna strip your hair and aren't good for your health.

Find gentle and natural shampoo. For Amazon India, here are some links to the products.

Dry Hair:

Greasy Hair:

If possible try adding a water filter to your water tap. And do not wash your hair often in case of dry hair. Let the natural oil steep up to the ends of your hair, it acts as a natural conditioner. The more you go without shampoo, the more your hair balances out and you don't have to shampoo as often.

Also, HIGHLY Recommend is rinses. Like with Apple Cider vinegar (add some apple cider vinegar into water and rinse) or rosemary hair rinse (boil some rosemary into the water and then once it is cool rinse out your hair. If you have your own type of rinse then keep doing it. It really helps to keep hair healthy and shiny.

Quit the Heat

I know this is the hardest tip but you really need to cut down on the amount of heat you're using in your hair. And you don't have to do this forever, you can just try and limit your use. If you use your straightener every day then maybe just try only once a week. You must give your hair a break and allow it to become healthy again. Heat damages hair so much that it takes time to repair! And when it damages your hair, you straighten your hair more to make it look better. This is a vicious cycle. So, cut that cycle and do not use heat anymore. Let your hair grow out and be natural.

Try this challenge for your hair and your hair will love you.

Damage proof Hairstyles

Damage proof hairstyling is important when it comes to growing long and healthy hair.

Follow a braid style or a bun. Any hairstyle that is not too tight and protective is good to go.

Eat for Beauty

You are what you Eat! always think of these words every time you are having a hair fall or going to have bad food. If you eat beautiful, nourishing foods, it will just shine through and you'll look beautiful on the outside. Food DEFINITELY plays a huge role in having healthy hair or even body and skin.

Eat your Omega-3 Fatty acids and mineral-rich foods. Try starting your day with vegetable juice as it gives those nutrients and detoxifies all the toxins you have been gaining. It will be the beautifying elixir in the world. Eat real food. Avoid the processed food as much as you can.

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