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Love Poem: I think- The last time...... Mumma ...

The Last Time…

The emptiness and a lot of curves,

The smile of yours and nothing between us….

The sound of a miracle when you sing,

I fly away from myself as I have wings…

Your wonder arms and I may sleep

Now, I have only remembered to keep.

The last time I had touched you

Into my dreams, I hug you, the last time…

The last time I want to meet you

To ask you why I have to face these…

You had worshiped for me to God.

And I have nothing to gain your trust.

Why I had vanished into the crowding lust

The last time I wanna survive into your fears…

The last time I wanna shower in my tears…

But you don’t cry this is my last time…

I will never do this again and ask for this…

The last time I want to touch your feet.

I am going to sleep for the last time

I will hug you in my everlasting dream….

Forgive me my Mumma,


- Sandeep

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