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Love Poem: The Purest Love; Let Her Go

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

The purest love, Let her decide

The desire in my heart, Let me hide

Trust her as your friend

If she cheated, the relation never end

I asked and she answered one's name

Why you revived and then envenom

You make me feel and then cry

You have to answer, Why?

The world pranks on me and you delight

For the sake of one's love, give me my right

You are on the fence

Reaffirm, and again call one's name

You can't decide between the two

Let me go and I'll do

In my life, I'll always be with you

If you need, remember me though

The part of me had already given, you may not remember

But the sorrow in my heart will never go

I'm waiting for your call

I need you, please come and that's all.


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