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Poem: Prison of Sky

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Let them fly and let them go away,

They have their destiny and the way,

They need not the Pearl nor the Golden Cage.

They took, whatever you put on the maze.

Belief in, believe in the red nails,

That bleeds and appears grey.

Not merely and not by God,

We are human and never forget.

We are afraid of death but they want,

The fear of humans we plant.

How they adjust?

And alive in the situation.

We are not got to abide infraction

We have a sense of right and wrong

But we connive of their misery tongue

We confine but we can leave.

That the message of the love we give

We are the human, light their life with dim

We are the human, made their life like doom.

Even the appetite for, they need freedom

They have no assurance of help but they pray.

We are the human to listen to their sterling pray.

The eyes with tears, the loneliness, and terror

We are the human, made their life mere.

They need not the blessing

Mercy they want and eyes are begging

They are blessed with wings to fly

Let them fly and rule over the sky.

Let the prison of sky free, If not then WHY?


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